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Consume Consciously | Week 1

It’s the best month of the yeeeaaarrrrrr!

October hits so hard for me in regards to new energy, fresh breeze, and a new sense of revival in all projects. With this, I’m shifting focus to consumption for the month of October. 

Consumption links to (pretty much) everything related to the demise of our environment & finite resources. Consumption is programmed into our being, and it a part of our daily activity. That being said, it can also be a valuable tool for reallocating resources. Conscious consumption is key in modifying the current flow of resources that define our economy. 

~~~~~~Now for the good stuff~~~~

This week I’m featuring a variety of shops that are worth supporting. Conscious consumption is all about being mindful of each purchase, and being aware that where you spend your $ you show your support. Make sure to fully stand by the companies that you spend your $ on. 

Basically, spend your money here when you feel the urge to purchase new items <3 Every Friday I’ll feature another 5 shops to check out <3

1. MALL ~ “We promote the work of independent designers you may not know of yet.”

2. Al’s Place ~ “Alice Kelly is a tufting artist based in the North West of England, breaking the mould that rugs only belong on the floor.” @als__place

3. Rare Candy New York ~ “RCNY is a fashion, photography + concept design brand specializing in vintage, street wear + boutique + sustainable merchandise.”


4. Mindblown ~ “MINDBLOWN is a New York City based brand that promotes individuality in street fashion while staying conscious of enviornmental & cultural issues within the industry and word.”

5. Not Just A Label ~ “(NJAL) Is the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion.” @notjustalabel

Artist Feature: Basia Goszczynska

There has been all this talk about repurposing materials into fine art, and artist Basia Goszczynska has done just that!

An excerpt taken from her bio “Brooklyn-based artist, Basia Goszczynska, explores environmental and waste issues through a variety of mediums including sculpture, installation, performance, social practice and new media.”

It’s important that as we enter a time of redefinition in a variety of fields that we rethink what fine art will be. Rethink - repurpose - redefine. 

Check out art by Basia Goszczynska on IG

Podcast: The Yikes Podcast

These days I feel like podcasts are a key source for news & information. More people seem to listen to podcasts than tune into bias new channels. That being said – I have had a hard time coming across podcasts that dive into sustainability, environmental awareness, and intersectional environmentalism. 


The Yikes Podcast was what my ears have been missing. Not only is the content intriguing, but it brings to light the issues that are deeply interconnected with environmentalism.

Created by Mikaela Loach & Josephine Becker , and produced by Finlay Mowat <3 

Listen to The Yikes Project on Spotify. Support on Patreon.