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Artist Feature: Cassi A. Namoda

A found simplicity in depicting multi-layered issues & elegance: artworks by Cassi A. Namoda. 

It’s quite difficult to verbally describe art in an accurate way, because I believe that language limits that description. Anyways, please take a look at this amazing artist. 

More pieces can be viewed on Artsy or on Instagram <3

Shop Sustainably : The Lam Label

Sexy, vintage ceramics that you never knew your place needed. 

The Lam Label is a collection of pieces all treasure hunted by Lam. With everything happening currently, it’s now more important than ever that you strive for transparency in your purchases. Money talks - so spend that money with black owned brands, sustainable brands, and vintage stores that reflect your values. 

Check out The Lam Label on Instagram  to stay in the know on all the newest pieces. 

Artist Feature: Susan Beallor Snyder


This morning I came across a woman named Susan Beallor Snyder while skimming an article in Public Goods. Her work caught my eye not only because of the size, but the intense texture. 

A native woman of New York whose pieces create an urge to feel, an urge to touch, and remind one of the beauty of the process. 

Check out her work & a more detailed bio on her site or instagram!