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Artist Feature: Elia Alba

ELIA ALBA, an artist worth a reintroduction if you don’t already know her. 

This morning I came across a 2001 sculptural piece by Elia Alba titled “Floor Heads.” Seeing a variety of faces freely bound to one pile it made me think about how we (a people) will collectively shape our planet. 

According to Alba {In addition, because these heads appear “alive”, at the same time they appear “silent.” Silence can be interpreted as a void or absence.  For me it is a signifier of thought; a space of contemplation.}

This lead me down a rabbit hole of thought on multiple species survival. We all may be secluded while COVID19 is happening, but there seems to be a sense of community reshaping. Without expressing the entire rabbit hole thought process I became stuck on the word WE. This piece is made up of pieces, and the whole is what creates the reaction. WE (a people) will need to collectively intertwine on multiple levels for the sake of our, and our planets future. 

Wow, thank you for reading all of that and hopefully it made some sense. 

Please check out more work by Elia Alba and let me know if you’re lead down a lovely rabbit hole <3