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Consume Consciously | Week 4

Week 4, baby!

We made it to the final week of Consume Consciously <3 Now, more than ever, it’s important to put your money where your mouth is… in regards to living a more conscious lifestyle. Check out the brands & designers below - they are killing it. 

1. Psychic Outlaw ~ “happy, handmade clothing using vintage and antique textiles.” @psychic.outlaw

2. Harmonia ~ “we believe every home should be your own version of paradise.” @shopharmonia

3. Charlotte Knowles London ~ @charlotteknowleslondon

4. Dauphinette ~ “Happiest Brand on Earth.”

5. Zig Zag Goods ~ ” your go-to shop for wearable art.” @zigzag.goods

Consume Consciously | Week 3

Week 3, baby!

Cheers to another week of sharing independent labels & artists that act as resources for those to consume more consciously.  Conscious consumption is key these days, and more important than ever. This week we continue with our weekly share of  I’ve decided to mix in some homeware shops that bring homeware curation to another level.

1. Cafè Forgot Shop ~ “a dynamic space to show and share truly interesting fashion and to hold special events to introduce these designers to a wider community.” @cafe_forgot

2. Tigra Tigra ~ “a textile and garment studio founded in 2016.” @tigraxtigra

3. Something New York ~ “sometimes things are for sale, keep an eye out.” @somethingnewyork

4. Jess Meany ~ “Featuring loosely tailored, low impact pieces, we design and sew each piece here in Los Angeles, California.” @jess_meany

5. Ella Jane Vintage ~ “Sale pieces, secret treasures, and spur of the moment {beauties}.” @ellajanevintage

Consume Consciously | Week 2

Welcome back to Consume Consciously | Week 2 !!

It’s been so dope to finally put together a home where all this information can live. So many times I end up liking, or taking countless screen shots of places I’d like to shop. Time and time again, I can never find those screenshots when I’d like to browse. 

Hopefully this will serve as your new go to spot to find iconic spots to aid in your conscious consumption <3

1. TRANSNOMADICA ~ “An archival and vintage marketplace motivated by the Transnomadic spirit: defined by endless optimism, evolution and an attraction towards the unknown.” @transnomadica

Such an iconic spot that’s rethinking the idea of vintage, in my personal opinion. Pricing ranges from $22 - higher end, which is amaaaazing!

2. Auné ~ “a fashion-focused retail concept store in central Lisbon. Focusing on how past and current fashion collections interact with each other, Auné brings these items in dialogue with each other.” @aunestore

3. Sundewshop ~ “We believe in sustainable fashion and taking back personal style. We find previously-loved items for those who appreciate our eclectic taste.” @sundewshop

4. Milk & Rose ~ “is passionate about responsibility — to our customers, to our community and to Mother Earth.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality jewelry with the smallest possible footprint.” @themilkandrose

5. Atelier & Repairs ~ “is a design-driven product and services platform dedicated to circularity.” @atelierandrepairs